How does this all work?

·       Take time to peruse our collection, send us an email listing the items you are interested in or use our Pin It button to pin the items to a Pinterest board and email it to us and we can send you a quote.  If you would prefer to visit in person, send us an email requesting a consultation, and we will be happy to schedule one with you.

Is all of your inventory vintage?

·       Approximately 90% of our inventory are vintage items.  Occasionally you will see listed items that are labeled "vintage inspired".  This means we feel they emulate a vintage feel but it is a newer piece of decor.  Other items we may have created from vintage pieces or reclaimed items.  Please ask if you would like more specifics about a particular piece.

Are your items in mint condition?

·       Because our items are vintage one of a kind pieces they may not be considered in "mint" condition.  You may find imperfections or chipping paint on items.  We believe this is what gives our pieces character.  If you are curious about the condition of any item in our inventory, please ask!

What are your showroom hours? 

·       Viewing pieces of our collection in person is by appointment only.  Please contact us to schedule.

How are your items priced?

·       We do have pricing for individual items if you are interested in only a couple of items.  But we also offer a package price for an event.  For example, if you want 20 table settings, we would have a price per table, instead of each individual item used.  This provides more value to our customers. 

Is there a minimum order?

·       No minimum order!  Rent a couple of items or enough to decorate your whole event. 

How far in advance should I reserve items?

·       Because we offer unique one of a kind items for rental, we encourage reserving early to ensure items are available.

How do I reserve items in your inventory?

·       After you receive a pricing quote and contract, we require a 50% payment to reserve your rentals.  Your items will not be held on your date until we receive a signed contract and the 50% deposit. 

Do you require a deposit to secure rental items?

·       50% of the quote is required to secure your items for your date.

Do you require a security and damage deposit? (25%)

·       25% of your total rental cost is charged to you upfront for the security and damage deposit.  If everything that is rented is returned without damage, you will receive a full refund of the security and damage deposit.

What if an item is damaged or lost?

·       Returned items that need repair or replacement will be charged the amount to fix or replace them.  Items that are not returned will be charged the amount to replace them also.  If your deposit was more than the amount required to fix or replace, you will be refunded the difference. 

Do you offer delivery?

·       Yes!  We offer delivery in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.  All delivery charges are based on size of order and distance traveled.  This is customized to each event, please let us know if you would like this option included in your quote.  Some items require delivery because of their size.

Can my order be picked up from your warehouse?

·       We can arrange pick up before your event.  Items need to be returned 1-2 days after your event.  Please contact us to schedule pick up and drop off times.

Will you set up my rental items?

·       We love to style our rental items!  If you would like one less thing to do on your special event day, let us set up your event!  We can include this service on your quote.

Can I change my order after my initial request?

·       We allow adjustments to your order up to 30 days prior to your event.

I paid my 50% retainer but I need to cancel my order, do you offer a refund?

·       We do not offer refunds of the 50% deposit due to cancellation of orders.

Do items need to be returned clean?

·       All items are rented to you cleaned and sanitized for use.  All dishes and rental items need to be returned free of food, liquid, or residue to prevent damage to the item.

What happens if something breaks or gets lost?

·       A security and damage deposit of 25% of your total is required with your reservation.  For any items that are not returned or are returned damaged, the 25% security deposit will go towards the expense of replacement or repair.  If everything is returned as it was rented, your deposit will be refunded.

Are all dishes food safe?

·       No, there are dishes in our inventory that we do not recommend for serving food or drink.  Please ask if you are wondering about using a particular item for serving.

Can candles be used in antique mason jars?

·       Due to the fragile nature of antique mason jars, we request that you do not use them for candles.  Battery operated candles or led lighting is okay.

Do you purchase items from the public?

·       Yes!  We are always looking to add items to our inventory.  Please be sure to send us an email with a photo of your item(s) and asking price.  We will assess if it is a good fit for our collection and respond via email.