every family has a story…welcome to ours


Meet Nicole & Matt Gappa, a husband and wife team who love frequenting flea markets, auctions, estate sales, and road tripping to new adventures.  The excitement of shopping vintage comes from never knowing what surprises you may find, what stories you may hear, or the people you might meet.  Early in their relationship, Nicole, who grew up in a vintage loving family, quickly showed Matt the fun of finding a piece you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Throughout their relationship and marriage, Nicole and Matt have always found unique items to decorate their home.  Nicole tends to fall in love with big, beautiful pieces of furniture like the Hoosier cabinet in her kitchen and Matt is drawn to the more practical things (according to him) such as vintage radios and record players. 

What draws them the most to vintage items are the stories they tell.  From the silver pieces that were a wedding gift to a great grandmother that she cherished her whole lifetime to the metal tackle box full of grandpa’s lures used when he went fishing.  Finding a cedar chest that held many treasured items dating from 1929; written letters, a wedding dress, and a baby blanket tells everyone of the love of a family.  Hearing these stories and holding those items, reminds them how important it is to share our stories and preserve the memories.

Prairie Lane Vintage Rentals is a boutique rental company that specializes in vintage and vintage-inspired pieces to create feelings of nostalgia, sentiment, longing, and of course love.  Let us help you create a setting that tells your unique story.